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Services in the community for the elderly persons

IFS-EMMAUS pays special attention to the elderly people who are currently involved in this project of home care. Services for such persons, although one of the key factors, is not always prevalent during home visits to beneficiaries. Usually alone and neglected, they are looking for a little special attention more and more, just for them, which is largely one therapy and an imperceptible support that they can count on several times a month.


Apart from that, we provide them with a handful of other services from home help through medical care and more and more meet the requirements of the serviceable type. We often provide food packages, firewood and other humanitarian services for these people according to their existing needs. Each person is also involved in the project One Meal per Day where they receive warm cooked meals at their home address every day.


We are especially proud of this project because we have not forgotten the importance of support and respect for the elderly persons. For now, it counts 21 beneficiaries and operates in the area of ​​Doboj Istok and Gračanica, which we intend to expand to the entire canton and other areas in BiH.