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Significance of Occupational Therapy in the Reception Center “Duje”

Occupational therapy as part of treatment includes all manual, creative, recreational, educational and other activities, with the aim of achieving and improving certain physical and mental functions of the patient.

The role of occupational therapy is the fastest possible rehabilitation and it also serves as a preparation for patients return to the social environment.

Occupational therapy has existed since the establishment of the Reception Center “Duje”. Over time, activities and content have expanded. Now there are daily workshops attended by a significant number of beneficiaries, where they can find their peace, express their talent and other various abilities. The content is diverse and it has the purpose of helping beneficiaries in their rehabilitation and healing. Accordingly, we held a lecture with our beneficiaries on the topic “Occupational therapy in the Reception Center Duje”, where it was held discussion about the impact of ROT on beneficiaries, about its importance, where they expressed their experiences about the workshops, about their trust to therapists and with what they are most satisfied. At the end of the lecture, beneficiaries filled out questionnaires that contained questions about the quality of work of occupational therapies. The conclusion is undeniable, Occupational Therapy occupies a leading position and that is one of the many bright spots that are included here, with the beneficiaries of the Reception Center “Duje”.