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13th EMMAUS – International Working Camp for Youth is Closed: More than 70 young people from 9 countries participated in a working camp

In Potočari, Srebrenica is successfully completed 13th Emmaus – International Youth Working Camp that began on July 10th. The final activity of the camp was held last night by attending a occasional gathering and awarding of certificates to participants.

This year the camp was attended by about 70 participants from various countries such as: Netherlands, France, Turkey, England, Jordan, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although the weather was quite bad, all camp activities have gone according to plan, and we have included some additional activities to help the local population“, said Mirela Ahmetbegovic, coordinator of the camp .

Kris Onahoman from the Netherlands is for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina and at the camp: “I love being here. We all work together and I feel that we are all equal and that all of us from different countries are creating a better world. “24


The main activity of this year’s camp, next to the traditional cleaning of the Memorial Center in Potocari after the commemoration on July 11th, is help with construction of the infirmary in Potočari, but also participation in the activities of the projects implemented by IFS-EMMAUS in this region including “Love for Mothers of Srebrenica” and “One meal per day”, as well as other activities to help citizens.


They also worked on farm in Pale, cleaning the Pivnica, painting the Center for children with special needs “Leptir”, expansion and interior design of the premises where the camp is held, as well as many other activities of assistance to local population such as renovation of houses, chopping wood, mowing grass etc.

Young people from around the world had the opportunity to visit Srebrenica, Tuzla, Sarajevo and  through various educational and entertaining workshops learn more about the culture of life and the history of this area.

This year’s camp with the support of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has placed a particular emphasis on activities related to gaining knowledge on reconciliation and peacebuilding processes.


Various educational workshops were realized, as well as historical lessons and activities that contribute to the promotion of tolerance and dialogue as a basic tool for development and preservation of peace and strenghtening of active participation of young people in the community.


In addition to all the useful thay had done in Potočari, they will bring from Bosnia and Herzegovina unforgettable and positive experience. Many volunteers are happy to return to the camp every year to use their spare time by helping others.

We want to thank all the participants of this year’s camp, and we hope to see them next year.



It was determined to continue … Franco Bettoli