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For decades, we have been successfully living our mission and making balance in a social care, approaching different social categories of people. Today, at a time when the world is ruled by a pandemic, we do not have time for the usual celebrations and anniversary celebrations. Additionally, there is an obligation to mature in our sincere intentions of providing help for people in need.

Therefore, we have nothing else nor to express our great gratitude with a special attention to all of You who have been with us and our humanitarian work for years.

The past year has made a major step forward in the overall maturation of all nations without exception, countries, organizations and even individuals. We have witnessed the attack of an invisible enemy and we are still witnessing how many consequences can cause a disease and comprehensive blocking of a system in which it affects all people without pity, especially those categories to which we are attached through our humanitarian action.

Each individual resists as much as possible at a given moment, struggling to maintain a personal plan of existence and shape its survival in different ways.

The right hand of friendship became especially important when it was extended in difficult moments when she found herself in a critical period. Using the well-known phrase that “A friend in need is a friend indeed” metaphorically confirms your actions and mutual support towards our organization and people we take care of.

When a person with clear and honest intentions set off on a journey and completes that journey successfully, while maintaining good health, optimism and hope for a better tomorrow, he feels more than fulfilled. Especially when you are accompanied all the way by the sincere support and understanding of the people around you. Through humanitarian work, we have learned one thing, if we bring a smile to the faces of our beneficiaries and make that smile never leave their faces throughout the year, we know that we have done the right job.

We have learned that from just one sigh and look learn the lesson and messages without a single word. We have become allies of good feelings, ambassadors of happiness and friends of people who look forward to our arrival.

All that, and more than the above, could not be realized, if we have not had support, as a strong wind in our backs, of many organizations, foreign and domestic donors, businesses and individuals who have followed and are still following all our activities.

There isn’t that huge a word of thanks that we would point out as an appropriate to all of you. We are convinced that the best gratitude comes from final beneficiary who was helped with your support. It’s a really special feeling when we can recognize people’s needs through our work and notice the growing engagement of the environment.

Accompanied by your ambitions, from all of You who support us through a different range of projects that we continuously implement, we must be honest and promise even better cooperation and a more transparent relationship with everyone in the period ahead.

Special thanks we address to all our employees and volunteers who unconditionally gave their maximum and dedication in their work in order to be at the very top of the list of the largest humanitarian organizations in BiH and the region today.