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At IFS-EMMAUS infirmary in Potočari were performed gynecological examinations for women of Podrinje

Today again, the team of the General Hospital “Dr. Mustafa Beganović” from Gračanica, visited our infirmary in Potočari, performed gynecological examinations for women from the wider area of ​​Srebrenica and Bratunac.


The team was led by a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Mirela Sulejmanović, there were performed ultrasound and gynecological examinations, and everything was assisted by graduate nurse Fahreta Beganović, as well as the staff of IFS-EMMAUS.


Dr. Mirela Sulejmanović stated that she always responds to such activities and that she will gladly try to monitor the condition of patients with her colleagues, as it was done today, with regular examinations, controls and screenings.


“We thank all today’s participants in this humanitarian mission as well as our employees who are always supportive to this hardworking team of doctors,” said Sefir Halilović, Assistant Director of IFS-EMMAUS for the Reception Center “Duje” and one of the participants in today’s volunteer activity in Potočari.