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Bosnia, it is a good country

Where sour water originates

stoop down yourself and drink, no one is angry

There is one silence in Bosnia

in that silence one field

in that field a behar tree

In winter, Bosnia rings with silver all night

Bosnia has Bosnian

When a Bosnian lies down to rest

he slowly lowers his head to the ground

not to hurt the ground

Bosnia has a mother

Mother climbs the hill above the track

then wave to the train driver

The mother wave to the driver

and the locomotive utter

Bosnia has a house

an old woman lives in the house

her smile is a verse about Džennet

Take off your shoes when you cross

Koran, Glinu

Sava and Drina

Wash your feet in the rivers

Bosnia is covered with a colorfull carpet.

Nedžad Ibrišimovic

Bosnia cares about its neighbors because Bosniaks live in Bosnia and not animals, as many wanted to declare, shake and destroy us. Bosnia and the good people in it are still gentle, because Bosnia is also a tame country and torn away from many stepmothers.  And when everyone passes through Bosnia, she recovers very fast and continue to shine, both, she and people in her that are showered with her silver.