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In addition to various care for the socially vulnerable category of people, IFS-EMMAUS has been delivering “ONE MEAL PER DAY” to the doorstep since 2017 in the areas of Tuzla, Srebrenica, Bratunac, Zvornik, Gračanica and Doboj Istok every day. With the support of good people who donate 2 BAM by calling the number 17011, they are donating a large number of meals, out of the total of 695 as we are currently counting. In addition to delivering warm meals to home address, in our Soup Kitchen in Doboj we distribute up to 190 meals per day to socially vulnerable people, which is in total 885 meals per day. The number of beneficiaries is increasing every day based on the large number of requests we constantly receive at our address. The need for this kind of help is unfortunately on the rise, more and more people around us are not able to provide not even one meal for themselves, during the day. Help us to reach such people as quickly as possible, because a man is ready to carry any difficulty on his back except hunger.


5a (Medium)
2 (Medium)
16 (Medium)
2b (Medium)
1a (Medium)
3a (Medium)
13 (Medium)
2a (Medium)
6a (Medium)
4b (Medium)
8 (Medium)
7 (Medium)
18 (Medium)
122 (Medium)
1 (Medium)
5a (Medium) 2 (Medium) 16 (Medium) 2b (Medium) 1a (Medium) 3a (Medium) 13 (Medium) 2a (Medium) 6a (Medium) 4b (Medium) 8 (Medium) 7 (Medium) 18 (Medium) 122 (Medium) 1 (Medium)