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Children letters of thanks arrived today from Burkina Faso to IFS-EMMAUS

At IFS-EMMAUS address, today came 2050 letters of thanks from each child individually that received scholarship for the current school year. As it has already become a practice, our staff will immediately start packing letters and sending them to all of you who have paid to educate these children. For the fifth year in a row, IFS-EMMAUS has been caring for the education of African children in distant Burkina Faso, a country known for being one of the five poorest countries in the world and one of the biggest problems is illiteracy, along with poverty. With small contributions of good people, this situation can be changed for better.

Thus, thanks to the action that is carried out since 2014 in the spirit of solidarity and following the positive goals of the Emmaus movement, scholarships for 2,050 children were secured last year. The money has come into the hands of the little ones who now have the opportunity to sit in classrooms, and in addition to knowledge and education, they have been provided with a safe meal in the school canteen, and hope for a brighter future. We would like to thank you on behalf of all the children to who you have made schooling possible this year and to inform you of the continued fundraising for education of children in Burkina Faso in school year 2020/21.  The scholarship is BAM 30 / € 15

The money you donate can be payed into the accounts of the Association

Purpose of payment: Scholarship for Burkina Faso

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