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Delivered help for severely ill soldier of Army RBH Fahrudin Osmanovic from Gracanica.

Today IFS-EMMAUS has delivered food package and diapers for adults, to a severely ill, and immobile solider of Army of Republic of BIH, Fahrudin Osmanović from Gračanica. According to the huge number of appeals for help, and those who appeared in media portals during last two days, IFS-EMMAUS responded again and provided support on the field. Unfortunately, there is more cases like this, when the soldiers stay in tiny rooms of their homes expecting help and good will of residents.  Father who cares for humble and visibly ill Fahrudin is also injured while working for a daily wage, it is hard for him to reconcile with the current situation, but he does not see the exit from it. We will continue to provide support to Fahrudin as well as the other socially vulnerable individuals, no matter in which part of our country they live, especially in a current pandemic state when the number of vulnerable people increases.