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Distribution of food packages to socially vulnerable persons in Doboj Istok municipality

IFS-EMMAUS continuously distributes packages for people in social need, as well as the elderly and disabled who are forbidden from leaving their homes according to Crisis Center decisions. This week, the distribution is being made according to the lists provided by the Center for Social Work Doboj Istok, where IFS-EMMAUS is committed to provide food packages to persons who are in state of social need, and who’s living conditions are even worse in the time of pandemic. Every city, municipality and place in Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has a very large number of people who, have found themselves in a situation with no way out, faced with the newly emerging epidemiological situation. Every day we try to reach such people and with significant support we try to let them know that they are not alone and that we will greatly help them to emerge as winners, healthy and in a good spirit, above all.

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