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Distribution of scholarships for 2,400 orphans completed – Children without one or both parents

The distribution of scholarships for 2,400 orphans throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina has officially ended today. Thanks to foreign donors, IFS-EMMAUS organized distribution this January as well, which took place at over 20 locations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In addition to donors, this is an opportunity to thank all the hosts who donated their premises in order to facilitate the registration, photography and protocol of distribution of scholarship. We thank the mothers and children who respected all the prominent measures of prevention and protection due to the current epidemiological situation, as well as all individuals who in their own way contributed to easier distribution and made it easier for our employees who had their hands full to make this important job easier in the past four days.


The realization of the project “Sponsorship of children without one or both parents – orphans” began in 2012. Every year, we increase the continuity of such a project and it is also the best invitation to all people who can involve and help in order, if not all, then at least the vast majority of orphans in Bosnia and Herzegovina would be involved in some kind of assistance and primarily scholarships as a way of support in their schooling.


When an orphan laughs, the whole world laughs. Good returns in better!