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From the field to the table: In the company ” Ltd. IFS – Hana ” in Srebrenica last year was processed 14 tons of fruit and vegetables-

Od njive do stola U preduzeću «d.o.o. MFS – Hana u Srebrenici prošle godine prerađeno 14 tona voća i povrća

As part of the program aimed at sustainable return and the development of war-torn communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, International Forum of Solidarity Emmaus, in cooperation with donors realized the action of distribution of plum seedlings for returnees in eastern Bosnia.
It is divided by 50 seedlings for six families near Cerska and surrounding areas. Besides the donation of plum seedlings, one family has received 100 chickens and 500 kg of food. All of them will be included in Emmaus’s program in food production.

IFS – Emmaus founded its own company ” Ltd. MFS-Hana “in Srebrenica, which was launched with the aim of generating income for the sustainable return of refugees from this region.

As part of company activites of fruit and vegetable processing, agricultural production are performing, and there is also a sheep farm.
Subcontractors from Srebrenica, in last year there was 19 of them, by processing fruit and vegetable produce chutney, fruit juices and jams.
All products are made according to traditional recipes from this area, with the application of new technologies, but without the use of preservatives and other impurities.
In 2015 ” Ltd. IFS-Hana ” has produced jams of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches and cherry plum, apple juice, elderberry, jam and chutney.

Unlike of 2014, the last year production was quadrupled. 14 tons of fruit and vegetables was processed. However, the objectives are partially achieved, which obliges us to this year, with the finalization of the purchase of equipment for processing,we make the desired progress and achieve the intended capacity. With the introduction of more activities on a farm employment of more workers will be enabled, which will contribute to the sustainable return of the population and the development of agriculture in Srebrenica.

The current economic situation in our country and the world in general, represent a major obstacle to sustainable return. Besides widespread unemployment that affects all residents, returnees often face excessive discrimination when it comes to job opportunities, whether in the private or public sector.

Neither returnees could not hide their satisfaction with donation. Hasan Grebić from the hamlet Grbići, local community Rovasi at Cerska received about 50 seedlings:
“This donation is very important for sustainable return. We are usually engaged in cattle breeding, fruit growing and agriculture so that each donation is welcome. People lived here for centuries of their work and it is necessary that youth learn through such projects to work, and to provide something for them, so they would not go away. I live on a pension and no one else in the family works so I will use part of the plums to dry them and sell, and part for jam. I would like to thank to Emmaus and everyone who helped to get this valuable help”.

Alija Mujić from local communitie Cerska, municipality of Milići has also planted about 50 seedlings: “This donation we get means a lot to us because we are dealing with cattle breeding and fruit growing. These plums will help us to survive because of them quite useful to sell can be produced. Thanks a lot to you from Emmaus on this donation.”

The project of plum seedlings division was aimed at families in which usually no one is employed, and who live from agriculture.
Action will not solve the problems of the returnees, but will greatly help them to live from their work