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Get involved and call 17011 for one of their meals



One meal dealy is the name of a project of the International Solidarity Forum EMMAUS that we have been implementing for several years and now have over 400 satisfied customers. In several municipalities in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we knock on the door of our customers every day with warm food and a nice word. The experiences that accompany us in the field make us non-born personalities, not studied in any professional literature, make us a treasure trove of their memories, emotions, life stories and unfortunately the misfortunes that most humble people carry around them. The line of life is often broken, winding, and full of beautiful and ugly memories of days gone by. We all have good and bad experiences in our lives, but the difficult financial and health situation of these people is really something that puts a huge burden on them. Being close to them and at least for a moment turning away bad thoughts, putting a smile on their faces and feeding it in one hand is a privilege for us in another life school whose material we renew every day.