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Hatidža Mehmedović -IN MEMORIAM-

Mother Hatidža passed away on this day.

It’s been two years since you are no longer with us, with your heart and sincere intentions. You were a symbol of a truly fight for the truth about Srebrenica, remembering us that crimes should never be forgotten. You carried a huge pain in your soul for the loss of your loved ones. The unseen power of a woman could be a guide in the lives of many who were in contact with her. IFS-EMMAUS was her lifelong friend and we didn’t forget her enthusiasm and the strength that describes her. For years, she was a regular guest at the opening of our working camps, cheerful towards the youth people, with the eternal positive attitude, but her soul was poisoned with sadness because her children are no longer with her. It was an honor knowing you, mother Hatidža. You will remain forever in our hearts as a brave mother whom we often listened, sympathized with her pain and now when you are no longer with us, you will remain in our thoughts with the promise that we will remember you as long as we exist.

May Allah reward You with Džennet and we hope you saw your sons there. Inshallah.