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Homeless team of Bosnia and Herzegovina won bronze at the “Mundialit” in Spain

The tournament in Spain’s Fuenlabrada has ended, and our selection in Bosnia and Herzegovina has bronze medals. The struggle to the last atom of strength and the great desire of our national team members ultimately brings us 3rd place.

If fortune had been on our side, we could have easily been in the final. Regardless of everything, in the end we can still be proud to all of them. The day started with the 1/4 final match against the Ukrainian team, which we defeated with convincingly 9:2. After that 1/2 final matches. A match for a heart attack. The opponent is Portugal, a team that we defeated in the group stage of the tournament, and we were able to do the same in the semi-final match as well. However, in a great game full of twists and turns, at the end it was 5:5. The winner was decided by penalties, in which the Portuguese were luckier and celebrated, and they qualified for the final match, and sent us to play for bronze.

And we succeeded in that fight. With an excellent and safe game, we defeated the Italian team with 7:4 and in the end, we were decorated with bronze medals and 3rd place in the tournament. In the end, the gold medals went to the representatives of Portugal, who in the final match defeated the selection of Romania with 2:1.

The best goalkeeper of the tournament was declared our Aldin Hadžinovski, who drove the opposing teams crazy with his defenses during the tournament and deservedly won this flattering title. By the way, Aldin, this great goalkeeper and good child, has a difficult life story behind himself. A story that separated him from his father, whom he lost when he was still five years old. We at Emmaus know about that story and through our orphan children’s scholarship project, we take care of Aldin and try to provide him with a dignified life as much as we can. Life, just the way every child deserves. Because when an orphan laughs, the whole world laughs. Aldin, we congratulate you on this award, rejoice and enjoy it. You deserve it.

The tournament in Spain also had a historical note. For the first time, in all selections at least one girl in the national team performed together with the men. We had two of them, Sumeja Bektaš and Aida Šeper, who showed enviable talent and quality with their play, and the confirmation of that is the fact that they received all the sympathy of those present. Well done girls!

Also, for the first time at tournaments sponsored by the Homeless World Cup, we had a referee from Bosnia and Herzegovina. More specifically, the female referee, Kanita Baraković from Gračanica, who did her job professionally and with dignity, and met the criteria of the organizer itself.

In addition to those listed above, our selection at the tournament in Fuenlabrada also represented: Elmedin Škrebo as a selector, and players: Sejfudin Beganović, Ragib Čirak, Elvir Mešić, Edvin Muratović and Alen Hodžić. We hereby congratulate the representatives once again on winning 3rd place and wish them a happy return home.