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IFS-EMMAUS Builds a New Home for Family Mehmedbegović!


To the Three-member family Mehmedbegović who currently lives in extremely horrendous conditions in Dubrave Gornje-Živinice, IFS-EMMAUS initiated the construction of a new home.

The house is covered and very soon windows and doors will be set and the final phase in the construction will start.

This activity started as a response to the appeal of the Majlis of the Islamic community of Živinice.

Mehmedbegović Dževad with his wife Amela and his son Elvedin live very poorly. They don’t have incomes. The only income they receive is when Dževad earns something when someone calls him to join some physical labor. But even that is difficult because Dževad has been wounded in the war and he is not able to work as much as he would like. Therefore, to change something they had to address to the wider community.

As refugees from Srednja Trnova they lived in an abandoned barn until Dževad’s neighbor built a smaller house for three of them. But due to the lack of financial funds they never finished it. The roof remained opened and it damaged the already existing walls and ground. Due to cold weather in the inside of the house there is moisture and it affects the health of its residents. The only wish of this family is to have one day their own bathroom and at least one warm cozy room from where to welcome winter without fear of coldness.

We try with the help of donors and good hearted people to respond to this appeal and finish the started construction. Therefore, we invite all of you to join and help us to finish this house before the winter.