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IFS-EMMAUS Has Shared 600 Iftar Meals for Migrants in Velika Kladusa and Sarajevo

Traditionally, every year during the month of Ramadan, IFS-EMMAUS is implementing a number of Ramadan activities such as distribution of the food packages and the organization of iftars in order to provide joy for many people as possible in this blessed month.

This year, we are actively involved in helping migrants by sharing over 600 iftars for migrants in Velika Kladusa and Sarajevo.

Employees and volunteers are constantly on the field and they try to be among the migrants to show them a sense of welcome and blessing that month of Ramadan bring to us.

We are delivering prepared meals from Doboj Istok for 300 migrants in Sarajevo, while in Velika Kladusa meals are prepared in a mobile kitchen that was installed yesterday.

Every day in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is an increasing number of migrants who have no shelter and food so they need our help.

We appeal to all citizens, companies, institutions, organizations and associations to join us in order to make these days of Ramadan more beautiful for these people and provide a modest iftar every day for them. The price of iftar for one person is 5 BAM.