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IFS-EMMAUS launches an appeal for the construction of a house of Gerović family from Glogova near Bratunac

The five-member family Gerović from the settlement Gerovići- Glogova, Bratunac municipality, was left without a roof over their head two days ago, and the fire destroyed everything they had acquired over the years.

Fortunately, none of the householders were hurt, and the quick intervention of firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to other buildings and houses in their neighborhood. Today, IFS-EMMAUS team visited Gerović family and handed them a food package, clothes and diapers for the children. The director of IFS-EMMAUSA, Hamzalija Okanović, said that there will be no shortage of support in the coming period.


Therefore, immediately after cleaning of burned house, we are starting with the construction and reconstruction of the facility for this family in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Displaced Persons and Refugees.

The Ministry promised to provide all building materials for construction, and it is our responsibility to install that material until the residents move into their new home.

If You, together with us, want to be a part of this humane project that must be completed before the first frosts, you can do so by donating to account of the Association:


Uni Credit Bank


Foreign currency account:


IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482

Purpose of payment: Construction of a house for the Gerović family


Good returns in better!