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IFS-EMMAUS: Meeting of mothers from Srebrenica and Bužim

When you put together two sorrows to talk, it is as if you have brought the Sun closer to the ground to warm it better. You stand quietly next to both of them, you put your head down and hear the wind how it intensifies and disappear. It removes and then in peace you feel the hart beatings broken like glass how it is uniting. Do not speak, everything has been said and carved in stone.


Streams of tears flowing throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina will be enough even for a young person to remember. To study and never forget why their descendants died and were brutally killed for. We fulfilled this wish of the mother of Srebrenica as well, to meet their sisters on the other side of our country. Just the sight when they met was enough to make the sky and the earth beneath us cry. We were afraid of the reaction for the health of the mother, due to the long journey, and also due to the emotions that arise during the meeting. We have forgotten how big these rocks are and that there is no worse state for them except the one where they planted their flowers in the ground. We were hosted by the great hearts of the Organization  Families of Martyrs and Fallen Soldiers of the Municipality of Bužim, warm hands of the Association Hajjis EN-NUR from Bužim and they took us to visit the martyrs, the office of the General of the famous 505th Bužim Knightly Brigade Izet Nanić. We also met his mother Rasima Nanić, and on the wall of the association were photography, a lot of photos as in our mothers in Srebrenica.


Sadness tightened around the heart and stopped breathing for a moment, as if we were going to pass out. We look at the mothers and their heroic spines as they stand upright, so we are ashamed for a moment, but we do not speak, even though we cry of the force. That’s our land, full of mothers who walk on it, while they lay their sons in her womb. Some had the opportunity to fight, while others were killed from their arms.

Remember Bosnia and Herzegovina and we will continue to support our mothers of Srebrenica till His will.


We thank all the hosts in Bužim for the warm welcome and support, which is also an invitation for them to visit us in order to continue such gatherings.


Good returns in better!