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IFS-EMMAUS: Reception center Duje received a modern bakery with a capacity of 1,600 breads for one shift

To the largest project of IFS-EMMAUS, the Reception Center Duje, which has 449 beneficiaries of various health pathologies from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, today was handed over for use the most modern bakery, and the funds for the purchase were provided by the Turkish Red Crescent. The Reception Center Duje is known as one of the largest reception facilities of its kind for the reception of the most vulnerable categories of our society in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Up to 2,000 meals are prepared here daily. In addition to the beneficiaries and employees of the Reception Center Duje, the central kitchen prepares over 700 of breads and other pastries daily for other projects such as One Meal per Day and the Soup Kitchen in Doboj.

Following the very good cooperation and mutual humanitarian action so far, the Red Crescent of Turkey recognized the needs of the IFS-EMMAUS Center and the importance of modernizing the bakery, which will greatly help in faster and more effective operation and realization, as well as the possibility of expanding the capacity and number of beneficiaries through various projects.

“We wanted to help and contribute to these hard-working people and their services, and we will continue to do so in the future. The Turkish Red Crescent is starting a new method of work and it started right here today. President of the Turkish Red Crescent of the city of Bursa Prof. dr. Murat Tutmaç will work on this new project and support projects that will be realized in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are very happy that we started with this Center, which is of great importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and may we be blessed in future,” said Dr. Ibrahim Altan, Director General of the Turkish Red Crescent.

We want to express our sincere thanks for all the support they have provided us from the Red Crescent of Turkey, and here we are witnesses that they continue to do so today, here, personally in the capacity of IFS-MMMAUS. It was a special pleasure for us to host the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey based in Banja Luka, Mr. Oğuz Kılıç, Dr. Ibrahim Altan, Director General of the Turkish Red Crescent, Director of International Operations and Programs of the Turkish Red Crescent, Anıl Kocabala, Prof. dr. Murat Tutmaç, president of the Turkish Red Crescent of the city of Bursa and Suat Sokullu, director of the Turkish Red Crescent Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who also praised our work and commitment to the work we do.

Today’s delegation also took the opportunity to visit the Reception Center Duje, get acquainted with the accommodation facilities and talk to the beneficiaries who are accommodated there.

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