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IFS-EMMAUS signed an agreement on cooperation with the Muftiate of Mostar

Tonight, in the premises of the newly built Center for the Elderly persons in Podveležje, an agreement on cooperation was signed between the representatives of IFS-EMMAUS and the delegation of the Muftiate of Mostar.

The signing of the agreement and formally defined cooperation that was already present in practice, which will further intensify and expand in accordance with the specific needs of people in need and opportunities for interaction between the parties.

The opening of the new IFS-EMMAUS office in the city on the Neretva will give additional strength in the realization of the set goals.

To this solemn act witnessed the mothers of Srebrenica, beneficiaries of our project Love for the Mothers of Srebrenica, who are staying with us on a two-day visit to Mostar.