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IFS-EMMAUS- Solidarity and helping others rises to the highest place among the good deeds


The more and more painful fact that poverty takes the tribute in Bosnia and Herzegovina in absolute or relative character, unscrupulously throws us in the form of reaching the bottom without return. A country that is famous as one of the wealthiest in terms of natural resources, extremely large tourism potential, fertile fields and valuable people is at the beginning of ranking list of the world order at the of poverty and underdevelopment.

International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus “, from June 1, 2017, is implementing the project “One meal per day” and daily visiting 273 beneficiaries in Srebrenica, Bratunac, Gračanica and Doboj Istok. The project is intended for senior individuals in a state of social need, ill, helpless people who mostly live alone in remote rural areas and can not independently provide meals or get to the Soup kitchen. Unfortunately, statistics shows that every fifth citizen in BiH is unable to provide at least one meal per day for himself.

The devastating facts that we are unfortunately witnessing on the field are that one meal that these people get is often their only meal during the day. We have entered the month of good deeds, the month of giving and helping, which many of us will not neglect and will open their doors and hearts to the more vulnerable and marginalized groups of people. The awareness and character of our people should truly show a good attitude towards neighbors, friends and those who are eagerly awaiting for help.

By calling the number 17011, you also can provide One meal per day for someone.

The project can also be helped with donations:

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka
Foreign currency account:
IBAN: BA39 1542 0011 0008 5746

Uni Credit Banka
Foreign currency account
IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482