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International Women’s Day on March 8 was also marked in the Boarding accommodation in Potočari

Today was marked March 8, with a special program in the premises of the Boarding accommodation in Potočari. The holiday, which was a sign of symbolic support for our mothers of Srebrenica, also enjoyed the visit of the mothers themselves among the audience.


Little children of our Day care center in Potočari congratulated March 8 to mothers and to all of members of the fairer sex through recitation, acting and singing. It is especially important to emphasize the engagement in the preparation of the event in which the students of the Combined Secondary School from Gračanica had a great contribution, presenting themselves with their performance.


A few days ago, students of the elementary school “Hasan Kikić” and the Combined Secondary School from Gračanica, prepared gifts for our mothers, which today, together with gifts from our beneficiaries were given to mothers with essential roses for all present.


How much their attention and gifts actually meant to them speaks enough for itself the tears on their faces, which in the end they could not hide. nIFS-EMMAUS team thank everyone who participated and remembered our dear mothers at today’s event.


Good returns in better!