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LANGUAGE CONNECTS, BOOKS ENRICH – Support reading in the Bosnian language

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Tuzla Canton and the Primary and Secondary School Director’s Association, IFS-EMMAUS is launching a campaign of collecting funds for the purchase of 10,000 books for the educational program of children in Kosovo and North Macedonia, who attend the Bosnian language.

🚩The goal of the campaign is to eliminate the difficulties that students face in classes in the Bosnian language due to the lack of textbooks and reading materials, as well as the impossibility of creating quality textbooks for the Bosnian language and the national group of subjects.

Considering the importance of the Bosnian language as a means of preserving culture and identity, as well as its role in education and connecting communities, we invite you to join our initiative because every donation, regardless of the amount, has great value.

Donate to support learning!

➡️Donations can be made to the giro account number:

Uni Credit Bank


Foreign currency account:


IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482

Purpose: Donation for books


➡️or via PayPal to the address:


By calling the number 17073, you donate 2 BAM