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Last Month IFS-EMMAUS Implemented Many Projects Supported by Dubai Charity

In October IFS-EMMAUS and Dubai Charity Association from UAE signed an Agreement on Cooperation after which the number of activities supported by the mentioned organization increased.

The projects are concentrated on help to BH citizens through social projects, reconstruction and renovation of houses, sponsorship of sudents,pupils orphans and others.

This, the previous month was provided:

– Firewood for families in state of need in Lukavac

– Food packages for 30 families in the municipality of Gracanica, Doboj, Doboj Istok, Kalesija, Zenica, Srebrenica, Gorazde, Zavidovići.

– Sewing machine – Gracanica

– Water dispensaries in mosques: Donje Vukovije, Tušanj-Tuzla, Brcko, Lukavica Rijeka (Doboj Istok), Doboj

– Computer for students, Gracanica-Lohinja

– Scholarships for students in the amount of 1677.50 BAM – Tuzla, Kotor Varos

– 100 chickens with the necessary food for fattening – Vlasenica

– Equipment for the newborn – Šije (Tesanj)

– Water tank – Škahovica, Vlasenica, Donje Vukovije (Kalesija)

– Glasses for old person – Lukavica Rijeka

– Bread each month for 19 users in the municipality of Kalesija

– Hijab – Kalesija

– Clothes for children – Brijesnica Small, Kalesija

– Food meals – Klokotnica, Lukavica, Gracanica

– Hygiene package for the mosque – Kotor Varos

– Funeral expenses – Bratunac, Gračanica, Doboj Istok

In Škahovica, the construction of the well is in progress.

We give our special thanks to donors on support and trust they give us hoping that the cooperation will be fruitful in the future as well.