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Ministers in the TK Government visited the Reception Center Duje


The Minister of Labor, Social Policy and Return of Tuzla Canton, Mr. Admir Hrustanović and the Minister of Agriculture,  Water Management and Forestry, Mr. Mustafa Šakić, today visited Reception center “Duje” with their associates.  They got acquainted with the work and accommodation capacities within the Reception Center, and been able to see the expertise and dedication of the staff who take care of 440 beneficiaries accommodated in the center.

“Even before I became a minister, I heard a lot of positive stories about the Center, but I could not imagine that it so well organized. As a minister, I am delighted with its work and organization. We will certainly do our best and try to help in all aspects, from employees to the beneficiaries who are staying  here, “said Minister Admir Hrustanović in his address.