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Mobile kitchen with the groceries for migrants is on the way for Velika Kladusa

We will not be indifferent this time either! IFS-EMMAUS will share daily more than 600 iftar meals for migrants in Velika Kladusa and Sarajevo.

A mobile kitchen with the necessary, carefully selected food items for the preparation of iftar meals for migrants, early this morning is moved from IFS-EMMAUS to Velika Kladusa.

With the help of volunteers and good people in V.Kladusa, the team of staff will prepare over three hundred iftar meals per day and aims to bring feeling of welcome among the migrants and the mubarak of the month of Ramadan.

The help will not fail for the migrants in Sarajevo, where we also have plannes to share about 300 iftar meals

From the first influx of migrants on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina IFS-EMMAUS invests great efforts and strives to help these people to feel welcome in our country.

In our previous actions we have shared thousands of dry and warm meals in Sarajevo and Velika Kladusa and we provided for hundreds of migrants medical assistance and hygiene items .

Every effort would not have been possible without the donations of good people who did not feel indifferent to their suffering.

When the escape from reality remains the only weapon you have, you come to the situation that you do not think realistically.There is no special reason except that in this same reality someone could for a moment steal and disarm you without any basis. There is no legal or similar basis that you are fault as an individual, except that you breathe and you fight to make someone not shut you up depriving you the only thing that remains to you, to be evident.

To be evident in a country that has very well formed its state apparatus and is not so bad. But to be evident where it is not evident obvious disruption or hunger, misunderstanding, fraud, deception or you supposedly worry about someone who does not belong there as a part of whole environment, it is very unfortunate.