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One Meal a Day for 182 Beneficiaries in the Areas of Srebrenica, Bratunac, Gracanica and Doboj Istok


International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus is implementing the project “One Meal a Day” since June 1, 2017 and daily visits 182 beneficiaries in the areas of Srebrenica, Bratunac, Gracanica and Doboj Istok.

The project is intended for the elderly persons in a state of social need, who are sick and mostly living in distant rural areas and who cannot provide a meal on their own, or reach the soup kitchen.

At the very beginning, this project included 10 beneficiaries from the area of Srebrenica and Bratunac. After we got a real insight into the situation, the number of beneficiaries was increased and now we provide one meal a day for 99 beneficiaries from this area. The beneficiaries were selected in the cooperation with the Center for Social Work of Srebrenica and the Municipality of Srebrenica, and we received a financial support from the Rotary Club Srebrenica.

With the aim to help as many people as possible, the project was extended to Gracanica and Doboj Istok, where we are visiting a total of 83 beneficiaries.

I live alone, I have no one. This food is really great.  My wife recently passed away and my daughters are married, they live far away. It is hard for me to cook, I’m not used to it. Thank you, it really means a lot to me,” said Dzemal H. from Milacevici.

This warm meal means a lot to me. I am sick, I cannot cook. I have a small disability allowance, but I have to pay for medicines and utilities, and I have nothing left. It really means a lot when somebody thinks about poor and sick people,” said Mujesira M.

Many people live in poverty so warm meal means a lot for them and help them to continue on through everyday life.