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After the completion of customs procedures, the IFS-EMMAUS team visited the hospital and the Health Center in Novi Pazar, as well as the Meshihat of the Islamic Community in Serbia with the headquarters in this city.

With the director of the Health Center and a member of the management of the hospital, Dr. Edvin Ćorović, as well as with the president of the Meshihat of the Islamic Community in Serbia, Mufti dr. Mevludin ef. Dudic discussed about the current epidemiological situation and the needs of citizens. According to their information, the system may be in front of the collapse and the entire hospital and almost all of its sections have been turned into Covid sections with lying patients, of which there were over 400 at the time, 10 of them were on respirators. There was also a much larger number of those with a more better health condition who are on home treatment. They point out, although the epidemiological situation is difficult, they are well equipped with protective equipment thanks to the huge help they have received in recent days. Therefore, they recommend that help need to be sent to other cities, citizens and organizations that care for them in this difficult period.

Afterwards, our team headed to Tutin to the headquarters of the Foundation “Together to the Goal”, which is the formal recipient of our assistance and a partner in the realization of its distribution. After that, our team visited the Tutin Health Center and the social institution Home for the Elderly people, and on that occasion, they received our donation. The director of the Home for the Elderly people, Omer Đondić, was especially pleased with the donation and our visit, emphasizing that the Home cares for 250 beneficiaries and thanks to strict quarantine they manage to save beneficiaries and medical staff from infection, and our donation will be very useful. Director of the Health Center in Tutin dr. Kemo Ćorović, Chief Imam of MIZ Tutin Ćosović ef., Vahjudin and the president of the Foundation “Together to the Goal”, Altan Gegić,  at the end of the visit expressed their gratitude and satisfaction for the moral support, but also for  the concrete help that will serve in the protection and care of the citizens of Tutin and Sandžak.

Once again, we use this opportunity to thank all those who supported our action and provided a large number of protective equipment that will help people of Sandžak in a fight with this evil virus.