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Over one hundred children celebrated Orphan day

To mark the Day of the Orphan / Children without one or both parents, MFS-EMMAUS, as every year, with the support of the IHH Organization from Turkey, organized an unforgettable gathering and a trip for 120 orphan children.

On Sunday, October 13, the children first visited the Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka, where a historic class was held on the site.

After Banja Luka, the children arrived at the Green Valley ranch in Prnjavor, where in the beautiful natural environment, thanks to MFS-EMMAUS employees, a barbecue and a full-day program were prepared and the children were especially delighted by the animators Geppetto from Sarajevo. They entertained famous characters from their favorite cartoons, enjoyed face painting, sports games and creative workshops. This gathering with the children was attended by representatives and volunteers of Turkish IHH Insani Yardim Wakfi who supported the activity financially. After all-day socializing, the children were given gifts and akika, or meat.

With the help of donors, MFS-EMMAUS participates in a monthly scholarship of over 1,600 children from across BiH. The project “Sponsorship of Children Without One or Both Parents” started in 2011 and is a project that MFS-EMMAUS is particularly proud of and whose realization represents the ideal of everything that our Association does and aims to manifest in the realization of its numerous activities.

The sponsorship program refers to: providing financial assistance, purchasing school supplies, clothing and footwear for orphans, building homes for families in need; organizing iftar and distributing Bayram packages, holding educational and entertaining workshops for orphans and their mothers, organizing joint outings and socializing, and socio – economic empowerment of mothers with orphans.

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