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Potočari: In our infirmary were performed various medical examinations, interventions and donations

Today, IFS-EMMAUS infirmary in Potočari was a real small infirmary, full of medical staff, big heart and sincere intentions, as well as patients of all ages. Namely, even this Saturday, different profiles of doctors volunteered to meet the people of Podrinje and build a humanitarian spirit together with us.


The team of doctors of the “Dr. Mustafa Beganović” General Hospital from Gračanica, led by Dr. Jusuf Hodžić performed a series of internal medical examinations, as well as a significant number of gynecological examinations by the specialist in gynecology and obstetrics Dr. Mirela Sulejmanović. Ultrasound examinations and pap tests were performed, and they were assisted in everything by graduate nurses Fahreta Beganović and Nermina Sejdinović.


On the other hand, we were honored to host members of the Association “Proaktiva” led by Dr. Ferid Konjić, who did a really noble thing today. More precisely, dozens of children from the area of ​​the municipalities of Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići were circumcised. Beside Dr. Konjić, interventions were performed by Nusret Ramić-surgeon, with the assistance of medical technicians Sead Mehmedović and Nesib Hidanović. On the behalf of the charitable activities of Proaktiva, Haskić Hamid handed over 100 books / readings for our beneficiaries / children of boarding accommodation in a value of 1,200 BAM as a support in easier mastering of the education material.


“Proaktiva is an association of citizens and promote positive values ​​and assistance to our people in economic, health, sports and other forms of assistance. We will be helpers of Emmaus through volunteering in doing medical examinations. Further activities will be focused on the needs in field. The aim is to educate returnee student the better” said the president of Proaktiva Dr. Ferid Konjić.


We thank all today’s participants of this humanitarian mission as well as our employees who are always support to this hardworking team of doctors.