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Food packages distributed to third-age persons

You don’t have to be a special psychologist to interpret the suffering of individual people. It is enough for you to be human and have an understanding of them to such an extent that you pause and hear about the lives of others and different people than you are. Maybe at your age they had a life that you would envy, but for years life has been tamed against them and put them to temptation. Now alone, they wait among the bare walls for many passers-by accidentally to share fear and longing to make it easier for them. But they don’t pull your sleeves, but at least stop by, it would not bring you any bad. It will give you some thought before the old age teaches a lesson that is beyond repair. Take a minute, give them a hand, say hello to them, so just they don’t feel left out. Do it for them, for yourself and for some days to come and remember, good comes in better!