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Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton Irfan Halilagić visited IFS-EMMAUS and Reception Center “Duje”

During his working visit to Doboj Istok, Prime Minister Halilagić got acquainted in more detail with the activities and needs of the International Forum of Solidarity-Emmaus, and thanked the director of IFS-EMMAUS Hamzalija Okanović for his overall social engagement.


“EMMAUS and the Reception Center “Duje” perform one important social function, and that is the accommodation of young, sick, old and persons with special needs. This is a very broad social activity and we would like to thank them for their social contribution, on one hand and for a number of other humanitarian activities they have implemented, “said Prime Minister Halilagić, emphasizing that caring for children without parental care, care about the elderly and the sick, cannot be the only concern of the Government of Tuzla Canton and donors.


“That must be resolved systematically, that is, local communities from whose territory come beneficiaries actually should be strongly involved in financing the stay of persons in such centers,” concluded Prime Minister Halilagić.


At the end of the meeting, it was pointed out that the trust that was built with donors, domestic institutions, but also citizens, enabled the help to tens of thousands of people who needed that help during these more than 20 years of work. With a network of offices in Doboj East, Sarajevo and Srebrenica and over 200 employees, IFS EMMAUS today represents one of the leading organizations in the non-governmental sector in our country. As such, the Government of Tuzla Canton will always have an outstretched hand and a partner who understands them and with whom they will equally bear the burden of social welfare, said Prime Minister Halilagić at the end of the visit.