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Prisoners from Doboj give up food for one day in a favor of IFS-EMMAUS Soup kitchen in Doboj

Realized re-socialization of convicted individuals as the primary goal of all prisons

All eighty convicted individuals from Doboj prison gave up their food for one day in order to donate food to IFS-EMMAUS Soup kitchen in Doboj, which has 290 beneficiaries. One hundreds of breads, canned food, sweets and other food products was delivered today in the capacities of our kitchen. Apart from food items, the office of Doboj Prison also donated protective masks and gloves, which our employees immediately distributed to our beneficiaries, along with the food.

“The convicted individuals in Doboj Prison while reading the daily press they read that in some Prison institution, convicted individuals donated their daily meals to people in social need. Encouraged by this fact, they addressed to the administration with a request that they also give up their meal  for one day, and on that request, we accepted their decision, collected all the food that was to be served to the convicted people today, and donated it to the National Kitchen here in Doboj. I consider this as a very humane gesture of convicted persons, who have realized the need for assistance toward persons in social need. I would like to emphasize another very important point, and that is the purpose of Prison institutions which is precisely re-socialization of prisoners, which was completely accomplished by this act.” Branko Miletic, director of Doboj Prison, states in his statement. Indeed, this was an act worthy of attention, and we are glad that in the time of pandemic that is present the world, all people are socially aware, without exception, and it can be also confirmed by this action this convicted individuals. On this occasion we would like to thank in the name of our beneficiaries. “Thank you to all the convicted individuals who donated the meal and supported our Association, in this case you supported our Soup kitchen, where the number of beneficiaries is increasing at the time of the epidemiological situation. Any help during this situation is welcome and all the received food will be immediately distributed to our beneficiaries”. Esef Husicic, chef at IFS-EMMAUS, said in his statement.