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Projection of the film “Mother Hatidža” was performed in Mostar

Tonight, in the full hall of the National Theater in Mostar, the film “Mother Hatidža” by Salih Brkić was shown to a large audience.


The film was recorded 18 years after her return to Srebrenica until she moved to a better world, whose images were recorded by author Salih Brkić, a TV reporter, publicist and documentary filmmaker.

The realization of this film was supported by IFS-EMMAUS in honor of mother Hatidža, whom we admired again and again for her patience, for things that were unknown to us as well as for most people around us. She was our leader and initiator of many pioneering projects in Srebrenica.

For mothers, we are bringing to an end the construction of the Center for Mothers of Srebrenica, which, with God willing we will open this year.


Projection of the film “Mother Hatidža” was attended by the mothers of Srebrenica as well as the author of the film, Salih Brkić who was born in Mostar. In addition to last night’s projection in the premises of Kalim Resolt in Podveležje, this is the second projection of the mentioned film in Mostar, which talks about the persistence of a brave mother and about the sufferings of the people in Srebrenica.