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Promotion of the Safer Internet Center



IFS-EMMAUS, as part of the Consortium for the protection of children against violence in the digital environment, which consists of UNICEF, Save the Children and IFS-EMMAUS, today held a promotion ceremony of the Safer Internet Center in the Botanical Garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo. International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus presented the activities of the Sarajevo office, conducted with the aim of creating a safer digital environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last 10 years. For the guests who have contributed to the establishment of the first Safer Internet Center in BiH were presented the letters of appreciation, while the children participated in a creative workshop in which they talked about the benefits and risks of the Internet. As part of the program, the children presented the results of this workshop and many awards were given out to cheer up the children who attended the event.This event is a very important step in creating a safer online environment for children and young people, as well as for everyone else who is using information and communication technologies today.