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Protocol on Cooperation Signed with the Police of the Brcko District

Safe Internet Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina – MFS-EMMAUS and Brcko District Police, signed the Protocol on cooperation in cases of violence against children and youth in BiH.

The main purpose of the signing of this Protocol is to promote social care and protection of the child and to provide necessary assistance in all situations where the child is exposed to some form of violence or abuse, in order to ensure adequate and timely response by the competent institutions and services. The subject of this Protocol on Cooperation is the regulation of mutual relations and the responsibilities and procedures of action between the Brcko District Police and the Safe Internet Center in the receipt, analysis of content and delivery upon reporting of identified cases of child sexual abuse to the Brcko District Police for further action, as well as mutual cooperation on protecting children and young people in a digital environment. The protocol was signed by the Brcko District Police Chief Goran Pisic and Mirela Suman on behalf of the MFS Emmaus-Center for Secure Internet in BiH. As of 2018, MFS-EMMAUS is implementing an initiative with the support of the Global Partnership Fund entitled “Stop Violence Against Children: Preventing and Working to Prevent Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children in the Digital Environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina” as a BiH Member of the Consortium for the Protection of Children, together with MFS-EMMAUS is made up of UNICEF BiH and Save the Children.