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On Tuesday, December 18th, a contract between IFS-EMMAUS and the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees was officialy singed, a contract for the construction of a residential building for Fahrudin Muminović from Bratunac.

Fahrudin Muminović, the boy who survived the shooting and finally decided to talk about his biggest fear, caused an avalanche of emotions and feelings that are hard to imagine.

Fahrudin lives in hard conditions with his sister and cousin, and his testimony is one of the hardest stories of Bosniaks in eastern Bosnia.

The IFS-EMMAUS and Edin Ramic, the Federal Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees, visited Bratunac and the Muminovic family, and on that occasion promised support in the construction of a new house.

The beginning of the construction of the house is planned as soon as the weather conditions become better and will it be realized in the shortest period of time.

Fahrudin Muminović (30) from Urković near Bratunac and his sister Fahreta are war orphans. Mother Mina died in the war due to lack of medicines, and their father Mehmed was killed in the battle for Srebrenica and buried in the Potocari Memorial Center. They live in the house of their cousin Ramo with his family, who are ten in total and nobody works. Fahrudin is the only boy who survived the shooting in Srebrenica. He was only 7 years old when he and his father were taken away in July 1995 from a family home in their native village Urkovići above Konjevic Polje.