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Socio-economic empowerment of orphans’ mothers

IFS-EMMAUS helps orphans and their mothers and offers them financial support for many years. So in order to support the process of socio – economic empowerment of maternal orphans mothers, with the help of the IHH organization from Turkey, launched the project “Socio – economic empowerment of orphans mothers,” which includes a series of activities which will be implemented in future. This project is covering 40 single mothers from around the area of Tuzla and Zenica-Doboj Canton.

The first activity is sewing courses in the duration of two months. After basic training mothers should be able to work alone, because they taught the basics that are necessary for work.

The second activity is hairdressing course for mothers that will also last for two months. This course will be attended by 10 mothers. After completing the course, beneficiaries will receive the necessary equipment to begin their individual work. Equipment will include sewing machines and hairdressing kit. After completing the course mothers will receive certificates, so their employment opportunities will also improve. In addition to activities for mothers a variety of fun and educational workshops are conducted  for orphans, where children have the opportunity to learn something new, socialize with peers and in a quality manner spend part of their free time. With the aim of economic empowerment and affirmation of the marginalized groups of women, this project will reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for orphans and their families.