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Specialist examinations for mothers of Srebrenica and the local population were realized again at the IFS-EMMAUS infirmary in Potočari.

Patients did not hide their enthusiasm that they had eminent doctors of various specialties at their service, to whose services they came to very often, difficult or not at all due to unavailability and other difficulties in the health care system.

We are happy that the respectable doctors recognized our idea and supported our activities, and that they are voluntarily available in all future activities in the work of the infirmary, so that the services they provide would be as quality as possible and their beneficiaries satisfied.

We are especially happy for our mothers from Srebrenica, who are eagerly looking forward to their arrival in Potočari.

They really deserve it and you as doctors are doing unique humanitarian work towards them.

We thank for today’s response to all doctors who unconditionally made a great contribution for these people of Podrinje.

Prof.dr. Šekib Umihanić,

Dr. Jusuf Hodžić, internist, i

Dr. Miralem Mešanović, neuropsychiatrist.