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The BiH Mission for the People of Syria Continues: A Humanitarian Clothing and Footwear Container was sent

Thanks to the citizens of BiH who donated clothes to IFS-EMMAUS humanitarian containers, today we sent a truck with clothes and shoes to the people in Syria.

Employees and volunteers of IFS-EMMAUS in the past period sorted and packaged donated clothes from humanitarian containers set up in Tuzla, Živinice, Gračanica, Srebrenik and Odžak and in a short period of time we managed to pack 547 boxes and 203 bags of clothes.

One part of the wardrobe was collected by the Majlis of Islamic Community Gradacac during the month of Ramadan last year, in humanitarian action  they organized to collect clothes for Syrian refugees.

This aid will be delivered directly to Syria through the Syrian humanitarian organization „Masrrat“, whose representative, Yasser Wafai, attended today at the departure of a humanitarian container and he will follow the container together with our employee Mohammed Yasser Sabagh to participate in the distribution of clothing to the population in Syria.

So far, IFS-EMMAUS in cooperation with the Mufti of Tuzla, Zenica, Banja Luka and Sarajevo sent 53 trucks and 1280 tons of humanitarian aid of food products and diapers. This container of clothes is just a continuation of our humanitarian mission “BiH for Syria”.19