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Today, IFS-EMMAUS received a special Charter from the Union of Disabled War Veterans of TK, as recognition for the selfless contribution in the realization of program objectives DWV TK and members of the Union of TK.

IFS-EMMAUS with its continued commitment toward brave defenders of our homeland had objective for the improvement of the position and status of disabled war veterans and their family members.

Aforementioned recognition was supposed to be delivered in mid- March at the ceremonial session of the Assembly of DWV TK at the occasion of the 25th year of existence and their work in the great hall of BKC Tuzla but the ceremony of the same was prevented due to the epidemiological situation in the country.

Today, in the spaces of our restaurant was staged socializing with members of the Union, where our employees offered our guests coffee, cakes and after that we hand over food parcels.