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The distribution of scholarships for 2,400 orphans – children without one or both parents – has been completed

The registration and distribution of financial scholarships for 2,400 orphans throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina has officially been completed. Thanks to foreign and domestic donors, IFS-EMMAUS organized distributions this January as well, which took place in many locations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to the donors, this is an opportunity to thank all the hosts who provided their space to facilitate the recording, photography and scholarship distribution protocol. We would also like to thank all the individuals who in their own unique way contributed to the easiest possible distribution and made it easier for our employees to complete this important work in the easiest possible way. During the past days of the distribution, several children celebrated their birthdays, so we think of them with modest gifts.

Implementation of the project “Sponsorship of children without one or both parents – orphans” began in 2012. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with a large number of orphans. In the post-war period until today, there has been noticed is a large number of orphans who lost their parents through serious illnesses, traffic and other accidents, which often left them without any financial income and now live in very difficult conditions.

In addition to regular scholarships for children, we continuously organize social gatherings and the distribution of school supplies and backpacks, food packages for socially vulnerable families and many other material supports for these children, such as the distribution of firewood and white goods.

Continuity of a project like this is also the best invitation to everyone who can get involved and help, so that, if not all, then at least the vast majority of orphaned children are covered by some form of help.

Good return in better!