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The festive mood on the occasion of Bosnia and Herzegovina Statehood Day we were spreading in Srebrenica as well

Our children/beneficiaries of the Boarding Accommodation and the Day Care Center in Potočari prepared a rich cultural and artistic program, so the song and dance of our little ones spread from the premises of Boarding Accommodation. Children from the Day Care Center in Zvornik, as well as children from the regional school in Potočari, took part in the marking of program.

In their own way, every November 25, children celebrate this day, the day when Bosnia and Herzegovina acquired its inseparable borders and became a unique and indivisible state in which all peoples will have the same rights. A country that deserves such submissive Youth who will celebrate and perceive it as the only homeland.

Today, in front of the IFS-EMMAUS center, children and employees visited the Memorial Center in Potočari and by laying flowers and reciting the Fatiha, they paid tribute to the people of Srebrenica who were killed in the genocide. These children will always continue to spread love, the way their parents raised them and with the love we give them every day.

In addition to the children, their parents as well as the mothers of Srebrenica attended the event.

Good returns in better!