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The first specialist examinations at IFS-EMMAUS infirmary in Potocari were performed by reputable doctors from Tuzla Canton

Reputable Doctors from Tuzla Canton led by Prof.Dr. Sekib Umihanic, Assistant Director for Medical Affairs at University Clinical Center Tuzla, interventions were provided by other members of the team Prof. Dr. Zijah Rifatbegovic Head of the Clinic for Surgery of the University Clinical Center Tuzla, Prim.Dr.Ferid Konjic, specialist in general and subspecialists of abdominal surgery at University Clinical Center Tuzla, dr. Jusuf Hodžić Internal Medicine Specialist at the Polyclinic Eurofarm Center, doctor of medical science Nusret Ramić, General and Thoracic Surgery Specialist at University Clinical Center Tuzla and Mehmedović Sead Medical Technician, performed examinations and defined further activities in the work of the infirmary. In coordination with the aforementioned team, work will continue in the coming period, according with identified problems. Patients did not hide the enthusiasm that they had at their service eminent doctors of different specialties, whose services were very often unavailable for them, due to the difficulties in the health care system. We are fortunate that the reputable doctors recognized our idea and supported our activities, and that they made themselves available in all future activities of our infirmary, so that the services provided are of the highest quality and beneficiaries satisfied.