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The new look of the restaurant and kitchen in the Reception Center Duje

Thanks to our long-time friends from the LDS Charities organization, we renovated and modernized the entire restaurant and kitchen in the Reception Center Duje. The kitchen, which prepares over 2,000 meals a day and the restaurant with a capacity of 200 seats, now has a completely new and modern look.

In addition to the purchase of new furniture, the electrical and plumbing networks were repaired, and ventilation systems were installed in the kitchen and restaurant. Renovation and covering of the building with sheet metal in the form of tiles was carried out, and the entire building was additionally drowned, giving the exterior a completely new look.

We would like to thank our donors for their selfless support in the work of the Association and the modernization of this facility in the Reception Center Duje, which has 470 beneficiaries from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.