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The Reception Center Duje was visited by representatives of the Parish of St. Franje Ašiškog – Šikare

Today, in a specially decorated room at the premises Reception Center Duje was held a Holy Mass for the beneficiaries of the Catholic religion, led by Fr. Miroslav Ikić. This traditional visit of the Parish representatives is of great importance for the beneficiaries, especially since such gatherings were halted for a period due to the worsening of epidemiological situation.


“We have a practice of coming to this Center, and we always bring something with us in the form of a donation and in a religious manner we approach with Holy Mass. We rejoice in this joint meeting and pray with these people who are of the Catholic religion. There is always a special experience when we come, we experience with our hearts the nearness of God to pray together with these believers “, states Fr. Miroslav Ikić in his address just before the Holy Mass. Today, as on every visit, valuable donations were handed over to the beneficiaries of the Reception Center Duje, and we sincerely thank them on behalf of all beneficiaries.


“I would like to thank the representatives of the Parish of St. Franje Ašiškog on a visit, especially on behalf of beneficiaries of the Catholic religion because I see how much it means to them when they are here with them. The Reception Center Duje has 430 beneficiaries of all religions. Here is a well-known practice to celebrate all religious holidays so that beneficiaries’ satisfaction comes first. They demand it and we are glad that we can meet their expectations. ” said Sefir Halilović, Assistant Director for the Reception Center Duje.


“Traditionally, we come twice a year and visit your beneficiaries, we collect as much donation as we can and in that way help them. In a conversation with your head services, we didn’t want to take a risk when there was a wave of epidemiological measures, but now that the situation has improved, we have responded immediately and we hope to continue our practice of coming and holding Masses. ” points out in his address Zdenko Benković from the Parish of St. Franje Ašiškog near Lipnica.