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The union of employees of the University Clinical Center Tuzla donated 15,600 BAM to help the people of Gaza


It is not uncommon for many citizens to get involved in helping the people of Palestine, and to our appeal for help responded members of the Union of Employees of UCC Tuzla, where a significant amount was collected for this purpose.

Today, in the premises of the administrative building of UCC, a donation check of 15,600 BAM was symbolically handed over to the director of IFS-EMMAUS, Hamzalija Okanović, by prim.dr. Esad Brkić, member of the presidency union of employee and prof. dr. Denija Tulumović, director of UCC Tuzla.

This is just one of the proofs of the successful cooperation of our Association with the Clinical Center compared to the previous support for the work of the Reception Center Duje, as well as other projects that we implement.

With sincere thanks for this humanitarian act, we hope that the war will stop as soon as possible in Palestine and that the heinous crimes against innocent civilians will stop.

Until then, it is our obligation to send help to this nation in all available ways.