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Thousands of meals for migrants from virtuous mothers and MIZ Doboj activists

In the past few days, the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Doboj have prepared a large number of meals for migrants in their joint actions, which today together with the Chief Imam mr. Bajrom ef. Dzafic was shared at the bus station in Tuzla with the help of our employees. Due to the extremely large jam response, collected food and groceries will be shared over the next few days. We have witnessed a lot of support for our organization in recent weeks when it comes to collecting food, clothing and hygiene items that are most needed at this time by the increasing number of migrants in Tuzla. Each of these women has a family and an obligation to care for and prepare their food. In addition to their daily responsibilities and duties, they have taken the time to lend a friendly hand and hope to these unfortunate people who have been away from home for a long time. This is the best mirror of a Bosnian woman who is used to being strong and to make all people around her special and strong with her personality and honesty.