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TK Government delegation visits Reception Center Duje

The newly elected TK Governments, led by Prime Minister Denial Tulumovic, are represented at MFS-EMMAUS today. In addition to the premiere, the Mayor of Doboj Istok, Mr. Kemal Bratic, along with the Mayor of the Municipal Council, Ferid Konjic, were on the visit. The delegation visited the Reception Center Duje and the Center for Children and Youth, in which they became acquainted with the activities and needs of our Association. In their speeches, the Prime Minister and Ministers emphasized their support for the work of the Association and expressed their gratitude for caring for people in need in the area of ​​TK and pledged their support in further work. In addition, MFS-EMMAUS has recently demonstrated its humanitarian work by helping to cope with immigrants passing through the Canton of Tuzla. In this regard, the Government promised during its visit that it would act as an intervention and assist in the implementation of EMMAUS activities at one of the next sessions.